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Make any cloud service with an API your backend!

Advanced Topics

Tree-shakable API

Madata can be tree-shakable, for smaller bundle sizes. However, you give up automatic backend selection by storage URL, since that requires all backends to add themselves onto Backend.types (through Backend.register(backend)), which would prevent them from being tree-shaken.

Instead, you'd be importing the specific backend you need, and constructing objects with that directly. E.g.

import Github from "https://madata.dev/backends/github/file/github-file.js";

let backend = new Github("https://github.com/leaverou/health-data/exercise.json");
await backend.load();

Adding support for another service

You need to create a new Backend subclass. For Backend.from() to take your class into account, you need to call Backend.register(MyBackend). You can look at the existing backends for what this should look like.

Creating plugins