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Google Sheets

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Use Google Sheets as a data source and storage. Collaborate with others on the same public or private spreadsheet simultaneously, using formulas and functions. And then use the obtained data in your app.

Setting up

Share a spreadsheet and use the provided URL which has format like https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14bzCuziKutrA3iESarKoj2o56dhraR8pzuFAuwTIo-g/edit?usp=sharing.

Or simply open your spreadsheet in a browser and use the URL from the address bar. In this case, the URL has format like https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IMFDv0aWWZ8F4GIdk_gmOwl60DD4-eCnLEX1CV9WBho/edit#gid=0.

To write data back to the spreadsheet (if allowed by specified permissions), you must be logged-in.

To read data from and write them back to a private spreadsheet, you must be logged-in. Madata won't let you work with other's private spreadsheets, only yours.

Constructor options

A1 notation for specifying cell ranges

This is a string like A1:B2 that refers to a group of cells in the sheet and is typically used in formulas. For example, valid ranges are:

Named ranges are also supported.

Google Sheets version history

With the backend, you can take advantage of the Google Sheets version history system. Before storing the data back, simply replace unchanged data with null, and the Google Sheets backend will leave them untouched in the sheet.

If you want to remove data from the sheet (i.e., clear the corresponding cell), replace every piece of data which needs to be deleted with an empty string before you store the data.