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Make any cloud service with an API your backend!

Basic backends

These are simple backends, useful for debugging or small demos.


❌ Auth ✅ Writes ❌ Uploads

URL format: local:foo where foo is the key name that will be used

Stores data in the browser's localStorage.


❌ Auth ✅ Writes ❌ Uploads

URL format: A hash, e.g. #foo where foo is the element id.

Read and write data into an element. If no such element exists, it will be created (<script type="application/json">).

If the element's contents change, the backend will fire a mv-remotedatachange event.


❌ Auth ❌ Writes ❌ Uploads

URL format: (anything not matched by other backends)

Load the URL as a remote resource. This is the default backend when Backend.from() cannot find any matching backend.